19 Mar 2015

Tired of pretending to have your own plane with flight simulation or tired of sitting in traffic?  Want an option that could prove cheaper than buying a brand new airplane?  The wait maybe over for one company at least.  AeroMobil, a Slovakian company is planning on selling its flying car, the AeroMobil 3.0, in 2017.

According the company it can transform in seconds from an automobile to an airplane.  The AeroMobil is gas powered and has wings that fold.  It can be parked like a car, the downside, its 20 feet long.  The video from their website shows the vehicle in action.  Unlike our "ideal" picture of a flying car, though, this one can't take off vertically.  It still requires a runway, as seen in the video.

There is no word on price yet, as the prototype is a work in progress according to AeroMobil spokesman Stefan Vadocz.  He has indicated it will be somewhere in between the pricing of a sports car and a light sports aircraft (several hundreds of thousands of euros).

The vehicle is powered by a single propeller in the rear and can hold up to two people.  The company states that it's top speed is 99 mph on the road and can fly at 124 mph and go 425 miles before running out of gas.  It is powered by a Rotax 912, four-cylinder aircraft engine from BRP of Austria with a steel framework and carbon coating.

The AeroMobil will be equipped with a partial autopilot and feature an emergency parachute which deploys automatically if the pilot becomes ill.  It also has a ceiling limitation of 9800 feet to avoid cabin pressurization.  A valid pilot's license will still be required, though details aren't clear on whether this will be a full blown pilots certification or a sports pilot certification. 

Their competitor, the Terrafugia Transition also folds and runs on gas is due out to the market this year.

Source: Cnn, Newsweek

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