15 Oct 2013

Windows 8.1 hits stores October 18th, as well as a free upgrade to existing users of Windows 8 on October 17th in the Windows Store.  Here we look at some quick details on the revamped OS.

Windows 8.1 Details

  • RTM was previously released to manufacturing for MSDN users and developers
  • Windows 8.1 Preview is available for download
  • Release to public to buy on October 18th, update for existing users on October 17th via Windows Store
  • Brand new cost: $119.99 for Windows 8.1 and $199.99 for Windows 8.1 Pro.
  • Upgrade paths:
    • From Windows 8.1 Preview - upgrade but lose apps
    • From Windows 8 - update, no loss of applications or files
    • From Windows 7 - upgrade but have to reinstall apps, personal files intact
    • From Windows XP, Vista - use the Windows 8.1 DVD but not keep any files, settings or apps
    • **Note:  Cannot just uninstall the Windows 8.1 preview, must restore from backup if you have one first**
  • Boot to desktop ability
  • Start Button added (not menu)
  • Lock Screen slide show
  • Start Screen tiles better tile sizes
  • Start Screen more customizable
  • Search is now aggregated, no need to select the type of search desired
  • Snap views added for 50-50 screen size on each app, have three apps on the screen, with multiple displays have different Windows Store apps on all displays at same time and the Start Screen on one monitor
  • Improved and more useful Windows Store
  • Internet Explorer 11 and better touch performance
  • Save directly to SkyDrive and have offline files
  • No need to go to Control Panel for display resolution, then set power options, everything is done via PC Settings
  • Faster navigation with mouse and keyboard
  • Swipe up from Start Screen to get to the All Programs view
  • Change settings for hot corners to prevent Charm bar or app switching bar from appearing if not desired
  • File Libraries no longer show up automatically in Windows Explorer
  • Built-in 3D printing support

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