16 Apr 2013

Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) which is coming later in the year, most likely in the fall, may have the option to boot directly to the desktop.  This would make power users who prefer getting straight to the desktop experience happy and not require third party workarounds, though we had previously outlined some easy ways to boot directly to the desktop for the current iteration of Windows 8.

This code came from a Russian website called Microsoft Portal.  The code is found inside a system file called twinui.dll.  This came from a recently leaked build of Windows Blue.  Users report, however, that there doesn't seem to be a switch or an option to utilize the code.

The code has a parameter called "CanSuppressStartScreen".

The Verge is also reporting that sources close to Microsoft and their plans for Blue are saying this is going to happen.

We will find out the answer to whether or not this proves true in the coming months and perhaps see if any other major GUI changes are in store for Windows 8.1.  So far its only known that major GUI improvements are being made, so perhaps the boot to desktop option is among those changes.  If Microsoft is responding to what people want, such as the boot to desktop option, then they might also put back in such options as the Start Button as well.  Is the addition of booting to the desktop a big enough change to ease people's fears over Windows 8, probably not, but lets see it before we believe it.

What to expect from MS Blue (Windows 8.1)?

  • Boot option - Straight to Desktop
  • Resizing live tiles
  • Snap up to four Metro Apps along side each other
  • Access to advanced settings without going to desktop mode
  • App snapping that can be 50-50 rather than 75-25
  • Better control of notifications
  • Internet Explorer 11

Take a look at a leaked copy of the previous build 9364 below and some of the changes coming to Windows 8 that have been circulating on the net.  Some of the changes include being able to customize colors on the Start Screen and making smaller tiles as well as other enhancements and new apps.

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