26 Feb 2013


Google announces their Chromebook, we dig into the heart of the PS4 announcement, Cold Fusion at NASA, a possible manned Mars mission by 2018 and more.




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Video version here.


Show Notes

  • Google launches a $1299 Chromebook called the Pixel with a 2560x1700 resolution.
  • Apple had previously filed for a patent on a Bi-stable spring with flexible display giving weight to rumors of a forthcoming iWatch
  • We recap the PS4 2013 Announcement and play back some clips
  • Google Glass for the public by the end of 2013 and a look at the How it Feels to wear Google Glass Glasses video
  • NASA working on cold fusion with its LENR project that could provide a cheap and clean power solution for a range of things such as cars and planes
  • Dennis Tito proposing a 2018 manned Mars Mission
  • Solar Panels on the Moon could meet world energy needs, as proposed by David Criswell, director of the Institute for Space Systems Operations at the University of Houston, who also has a Doctorate degree in space physics and Astronomy

    *Apologies on the fan noise with the audio for the first 10 minutes or so.. it was corrected after that.


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