06 Feb 2013

There is a bug in Skyrim that makes it impossible to defeat Alduin when you encounter him.  This bug has existed for a while, but in case you are unaware of how to get around it, here are a few tips to help fix this glitch.

If you find yourself battling Alduin the first time and you can't seem to harm him as he seems invincible, there is a reason why this glitch has occurred.  If a player attacks Alduin before his initial speech (and Parthurnaax tells you to use Dragonrend), then there is a bug that makes it impossible to harm Alduin.

Xbox 360:   The fix is to exit the game.  Now go to console settings, memory, hit the Y button and choose "Reset Cache".  Now, next time you meet Alduin you can defeat him. 

PS3:  Turning off the system and turning it on and reloading the game may fix the issue, though in either case the solution guaranteed to work is to use a saved game from before this first encounter (reload before Parthurnaax tells you about Dragonrend) and follow through allowing the speech to occur.

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