04 Feb 2013


Twitter announces Vine, PlayStation 4 announcement coming soon, Rim renamed Blackberry, we take a look at some Windows 8 Tablets and Hybrids, a new asteroid mining venture is announced, talk about ways of getting to Mars, some fresh new add-ons for FSX and more.




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Show Notes

  • Twitter announces Vine
  • PlayStation 4 coming
  • Details on the forthcoming privatization and sale of Dell
  • RIM renamed Blackberry
  • Blackberry OS 10 and the Z10 and Q10 phones announced
  • Microsoft Office 365 details and pricing announced
  • Google Apps price change
  • Several Windows 8 Portable devices compared (Hybrids, Laptops, Tablets)
    • Surface Pro pricing and details
    • Surface RT
    • Acer Aspire S7
    • Lenovo IdeaPad U410
    • Lenovo Yoga 13
    • Future touch screen models coming
  • A working tractor beam created in the lab
  • Deep Space Industries to join in the asteroid mining arena along with Planetary Resources
  • Ancient Mars lake discovered-The McLaughlin Crater
  • MarsOne announces their astronaut selection plans
  • How to get to mars (types of propulsion systems and the travel time)
  • Vancouver FSDreamTeam
  • FlyTampa Midway v2
  • USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt examined
  • Armed Strike: Air and Sea for Windows Phone
  • NiNite app installer
  • Stay tuned after the end for the Tech-Stew After-Stew


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