08 Oct 2012

If you have been struggling with figuring out how to install the IIS Remote Manager software for Windows 8, there is a really simple way to get it done.  It is done straight from the existing IIS Manager tool in Windows 8.

After you have the IIS manager components installed from Programs and Features you simply open the IIS Manager and look on the right hand side for "Get New Web Platform Components".

Click that link as below.

In some cases it may actually prompt you to download the Web Platform Installer.  The download link is located here, although it should bring up the web link automatically during the process.

This opens the Web Platform Installer 4.0.  If you click Products and sort by name you will find IIS Manager for Remote Administration v1.1.  Click Add as shown below. 

After the install is complete you can then use the Connections icon and one of the options such as "Connect to a Server", "Connect to Site", or "Connect to an Application" from the interface.

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

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