21 Aug 2012

If you don't feel like waiting till next month for the official RTM version of the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 RTM then there is a workaround you can use for now.  The official RTM version of the tools isn't due out till next month because this is the official launch time frame of Windows Server 2012 as well.  If you try to install the Release Preview version of RSAT you are greeted with an error.

The Issue and Error
Running Windows6.2-KB2693643-x64.msu from the Microsoft RSAT page results in the following 0x80004005 error:

The Workaround

The first step is to expand the files and extract them into a folder.  You could use a GUI tool such as 7zip to do so, but here is the command line method:

expand -F:* Windows6.2-KB2693643-x64.msu C:\templocation\rsat

The last step is to install the RSAT tools with this command.  It will install silently, you can use task manager to monitor the progress of pkgmgr.exe (it could take as many as 10 minutes to complete). 

pkgmgr /ip /m:Windows6.2-KB2693643-x64.cab

After a successful install you will see Remote Server Administration Tools in the Add Features area and of course be able to run the tools themselves.

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