16 Aug 2012

A team of scientists have found a way to produce a room-temperature solid-state maser.  A major step in improving space communications.

A maser is similar to a laser, except instead of using light to emit the signal it uses microwaves.  This type of technology has been important to NASA and other groups that operate in space.

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Masers help boost radio signals.  Curiosity on Mars, uses maser technology to ensure signals sent to Earth arrive.

Until now, Masers needed enormous cooling equipment to prevent overheating.  But now thanks to a report published in the journal Nature, hope is on the horizon.

Scientists at the UK's National Physical Laboratory developed a room-temperature maser after they altered the chemical components of a crystal and then used microwaves to restore them to their normal state.  In doing this, they realized that this process created a stream of identical microwaves that reduced the strain and heat required for the process.

Source:  Petridishnews.com

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