02 Aug 2012

As we know Microsoft has released Windows 8 to manufacturing the other day, but in the meantime one blogger has gotten his hands on the bits before the August 15th MSDN/Technet date and has documented a tutorial that will be included in Windows 8.

In the final version that will ship to OEMs, Microsoft has made the smart move and added a guide during setup that highlights a "new way to use Windows."

Many have issued concerns over the usability of the new operating system, especially to the more technologically challenged person.  It seemed throughout the development process that Microsoft was not going to include a demo on how to use Windows, but it appears they listened to concerns with this guide.

The guide starts by demonstrating ways to swipe from an edge of the screen to reveal the charms bar.  The hot corners are explained and displayed during the tutorial.  This tutorial will be the default for every copy of Windows 8.

The inclusion of this tutorial will certainly help Microsoft ease the concerns over learning a new operating system, especially one that no longer has a Start Button and uses the Metro Start Screen instead.

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