11 Jun 2012

At the WWDC conference Apple made some announcements related to iOS 6.0.  Apple has stated there will 200 changes in store for iOS 6.  Among the big changes include the new 3D maps, FaceTime over cellular and Mail enhancements.  The developer beta of iOS 6 will be immediately available to download with the final release coming in the fall, most likely at the same time as the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S along with iPad 2/3 and iPod Touch (4th gen and later) will be able to use the upgrade.

Here are some of the changes coming:

  • Passbook on the home screen
    • Passbook - "the simplest way to get all your passes in one place"
    • boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets, bar codes, qr codes
  • Siri updates
    • Can launch apps
    • Eyes Free, car manufacturers let you use Siri from the wheel (Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi, etc)
    • International support
    • Update Facebook by Siri
  • Facebook integration
    • Photos and calendars get pulled to iOS
  • FaceTime over cellular
  • Safari changes
    • iCloud Tab
    • Offline Reading List
    • Photo upload feature
    • Smart app banners
    • Full Screen display in landscape mode
    • Shared photo streams
  • Mail enhancements
    • VIP - lets you mark somebody whose messages you want to be notified about and get alerts via text messages
    • Add photos and videos right into a message (pull to refresh feature as well).
    • Per account signatures

  • Phone enhancements
    • Do Not Disturb feature, though texts and alerts still come in
    • Reply with Message feature (decline calls with an SMS)
    • Remind Me Later
      • One hour, when I leave, when I get home, when i get to work
    • Lost Mode - send a phone number to the phone, when someone finds it, it will call the number back

  • Guided Access
    • New app lets you get rid of certain buttons.  Can lock the device into a single app mode so home doesn't work.
    • Single App mode useful for educational purposes
  • New Maps App
    • Built from the ground up, Goodbye Google Maps
    • 3D option button, Flyover mode rendered in real time, not a movie
    • Turn-by-turn navigation with information like accidents and other traffic data
    • Anonymous traffic data submission ability
    • Re-route if stuck in traffic for a detour


Source:  Cnet

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