04 Jun 2012

As part of the Microsoft pre-E3 conference, Microsoft has announced that SmartGlass will launch worldwide this fall.  During the presentation Microsoft showed off SmartGlass functionalities demonstrating the app sharing between mobile devices and the 360. 

SmartGlass started playing Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on a tablet then sent the game to the Xbox to finish watching it.  As the movie continued playing on the big screen, the tablet continued to present information on the movie.

Another example of the use of SmartGlass will come with Madden.  The Madden NFL franchise will support SmartGlass and allow players to make plays on a tablet or mobile device then run them on the TV.

According to Microsoft, SmartGlass will work on Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox 360.  It will also support Android and iOS and work similarly to how AirPlay works with Apple, making SmartGlass a direct competitor to Apple's offering.  It also could be compared to that of the abilities of the Wii U's tablet style interface where you can have certain information on the smaller screen while playing the main game or movie on the bigger screen.

Source:  Cnet

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