25 May 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E16: Whoa Not So Fast was recorded on Friday May 25th, 2012.


Facebook launches a camera app, Windows 8 booting too fast, Leap Motion control system, Verizon kills grandfathered unlimited plans, SpaceX docks with iss and more.

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Full Topic List:

-Facebook launches Facebook Camera App
-Windows 8 too fast to boot?
-Windows 8 to ship with Flash
-The Sea Lion: the fastest amphibious car in the world
-Leap Motion 3D control system
-Facebook message tracking
-Verizon kills grandfathered unlimited data
-Google working on Chrome for iOS
-SpaceX docks with ISS
-Brain controlled robotic arm
-Kodak nuclear reactor
-Unseen planet at edge of solar system
-Starships powered by antimatter can reach near light speed

Picks of the Week

Yahoo Axis Browser:  iOS, PC

Tips of the Week

Windows 7 USB Tool

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

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