16 May 2012

Researchers at the Tokyo University have achieved 3Gbps transfers over a 542GHz wireless connection, part of the 300GHz-3THz terahertz band.  This is twice the speed record held by chip producer Rohm which was set back in November which achieved 1.5Gbps transfers on a 300GHz connection.

With great speeds comes great restrictions though.  The connection will only work over a range of 10 meters (30 feet) before interference is an issue.  However, there are many short range practical applications of such speeds as transmitting media to and from your audio video equipment to your television or for direct Wi-Fi transfers.

They achieved these results using a resonant tunneling diode called an RTD.  The component acts as an oscillator which transmits electro-magnetic signals at very high frequencies as it vibrates.  The RTD was designed for this application and replaced other systems like complex quantum cascade lasers.

The Tech-Stew Take Home

Terahertz transfers are becoming a very popular topic among many companies including AT&T.  AT&T held a conference in December calling this terahertz band as the "next frontier for radio."  What makes the band so attractive is that it is unregulated world-wide, so its readily available at this time.  Team leader, Dr Safumi Suzuki thinks that everyone will use Terahertz related technology within 10 years.

Source:  BBCNews

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