15 Apr 2012

So you have made it to the point in the main quest where you must track down Esbern on your Windows PC.  You get to Esbern but there are glitches.  You cant hear him speak and the dialogue's subtitles fly by, impossible to read.  There are also issues where a door won't open as it should.

The Door Fix

For this one, you can quick-save then quick load while in front of the door. 

If the quick save doesn't work you can turn off collisions in the console, then Esbern opens the door:
To get to the console use the tilda key (~) then enter TCL to toggle no-clip mode.  Check this page out for a complete list of commands.

Another option is the chain lightning spell can be used to kill Esbern until the AI makes him open the door.

The file fix

There is a file called Skyrim - Voice Extra.bsa in the Skyrim folder in Program Files.  If you unpack this using the tool designed for Morrowind, you just extract the contents directly into the data folder.

Otherwise, the easiest thing to do is to download the actual unpacked file from gamebanana.com and extract the contents into your Data folder.

The end result is that the folder structure ends up looking like this (as an example):
(The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim install folder )\Data\Sound\Voice\
where Sound and Voice and all the files below this were extracted from the file above.

Now you can enjoy the groovy sound of Esbern's voice and continue your mission.

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