12 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 13:  Tech Stew Unlocked, recorded on Thursday April 12th, 2012


North Koreas rocket blows up, skyrim gets Kinect support, the Sony SmartWatch, the Google Plus redesign, a working Nintendo controller coffee table, Facebook buys instagram for $1billion, Viking detected life on Mars and more.  

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Full Topic List:

-North Korean Rocket explodes after lift off
-LogMeIn to offer cloud sharing via Cubby
-Elder Scrolls Skyrim gets Kinect support
-Sony SmartWatch, android on your wrist
-Google+ Redesign
-SQL Server 2012 general availability release
-A working Nintendo Controller Coffee table
-Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion (Jon Stewart video commentary here)
-At&t allowing iPhones to be unlocked
-Will the term iPad become generic to all tablets?
-Microsoft to update Vista until April 2017
-Commodore 64 pioneer Jack Tramiel dies
-Are developers dissing the Wii U graphic system already?
-PS4 Orbis to come before Xbox (Rumor)
-Flying cars
-Did the Viking robots find signs of life on Mars in 1976?
-Did our ancient ancestors cook with fire?
-April fools asteroid
-New study reveals the oceans may have been warming for 135 years

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