21 Mar 2012

Microsoft at its Convergence conference for Dynamics ERP and CRM customers and partners, has shown off early concepts of what some of these business apps may look like in a Metro-UI.  They are the only company demonstrating Metro based business apps.

Some of the apps include a Windows 8 HTML5 metro-style (WinRT) client that connects to Dynamics ERP and CRM back-ends.  The image below is an example of the Dynamics Start page in Metro.  Each screen can be personalized by end users.


The next image is how Project approvals could look on a Windows 8 tablet.

No word on when any of these Metro-style apps would be available.  Blogger Brandon George had recently stated that Microsoft is planning to deliver a Windows 8 version of its Dynamics AX 7 client in 2013/2014. 

The Tech-Stew Take Home

Ultimately if Microsoft wants to sell businesses on Windows 8 and its Metro interface, it will need shining examples of the power of Metro.  Hopefully these initial applications can do just that.  But for now, we must wait to see the first business Metro apps in action.

Source:  Geekwire.com

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