28 Feb 2012

Microsoft recently announced new SkyDrive applications.  One will be a Metro app that will provide access to all SkyDrive files and through a touch friendly interface.  It will use Windows 8 charms and contracts to let Metro apps store data to Skydrive and share documents and photos through other applications.

The other application will be a desktop version of the cloud in Windows Explorer.  It will allow Windows 7, Vista and 8 users to drag and drop or upload and download Skydrive files inside of Windows Explorer.  Skydrive would appear as a "favorite" on the left hand side of the interface.  According to Microsoft they will limit the uploading of large files to 2GB through Windows Explorer and the application will auto synchronize changes from SkyDrive to the local folder similar to Dropbox.

Another feature is something called fetching, a way to access non-SkyDrive files from PC's with a SkyDrive account.  Fetching is only on Windows 8 PCs and will allow the downloading of documents from PC's connected to SkyDrive.  Effectively this is the feature that you would use if you forgot something on your home PC, as you can browse to it and upload it to SkyDrive.

There are rumors of paid storage plans, but nothing was confirmed yet from Microsoft.  In the Building Windows 8 blog post, it was noted that the SkyDrive service will not support PC-to-PC syncing without using the cloud, due to added complexity.

Source: Building Windows 8 Blog


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