12 Jan 2012

According to Space.com and other sources, the Russian Agency is suggesting that failures such as the Mars probe Phobos-Grunt and other setbacks last year may be the result of foul play.

This Phobos-Grunt probe is due to enter the Earth's atmosphere Sunday, January 15th.  It was launched November 8th and became stuck in Earth orbit.  Apparently unnamed people may have brought it down and caused at least four other failures back in 2011.

It would seem that when the crafts enter the "dark" side of Earth, or areas where they can't see the craft and do not receive telemetry data, is when these failures occur.

There have also been other rocket failures in 2011, among them most recently on December 23, 2011, an unmanned Soyuz-2 rocket crashed shortly after liftoff.

These set backs are surely raising serious concerns from agencies like NASA who rely heavily on Russian spacecraft to help support the International Space Station (ISS).  NASA had recently retired the Space Shuttle fleet and it will be some time before the agency has new spacecraft to ferry astronauts to ISS.  NASA has been encouraging private companies to take on the space taxi service, such as agencies like SpaceX.  SpaceX is working on manned vehicles for the near future.  The hope is to have these up and running by 2015.

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