08 Nov 2011

Google now has opened things up to business and brands.  It has taken awhile for this to happen but its finally here.  They are really giving other social networking sites like Facebook a run for the money with their more efficient stream features and organization.  

At first it may seem there is little to distinguish a Page from a regular individual account.  In fact, you can add Pages to any of your regular Circles while Page creators can post things just the same and be involved in Hangouts.

Google also announced Direct Connect for searching for Google+ Pages.  How do you do this?  Just type "+Google" or "+CompanyName/ProductName", for instance, "+Angry Birds" in a Google search box and you will go to the page.  All this began rolling out November 7th to some and as of November 8th is available to everyone.

Video from Google and how to set-up Google+ for business after the break...


How to set-up a Google+ for business page

Step 1:

Visit Google's dedicated Google+ for business page after you have created a new Google+ account or use an existing one.  It will ask you to create a new public profile and a few screens in, you select the type of firm desired for creating a profile, for example a business or place or brand or organization:

Step 2:

*Register your company and the phone number and location if applicable. 

*If you are already registered as a company, you will probably not be prompted to register your phone number and location, or this may also depend on the category you chose in the last step.

Step 3:

Here you customize the public profile, by establishing a Tagline and photo and then you can tell circles about the Page.


Step 4:

"Act as an individual or page" by choosing the pull down below your logo/company title, once the page is created.

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

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