02 Nov 2011

ipad 3d gestures
ipad 3d gestures

Move over fingers, there is a new way to control your Apple device.  In the future you may be able to control a tablet from across a room using 3D gestures, such as swirling or swiping your hand.  A newly revealed Apple patent, indicates you will be able to manipulate/control graphical elements on the display like icons and media files.  There are many forms for the gestures (E.g. half-circle or square or symbols like question marks).

Using a gesture based toolbar there is even video annotation and editing.

Apple may also be working on an integrated projector for iDevices that would also utilize these gestures.

To do the gesturing, the device uses the front-facing camera.  Since the iPad 2, iPhone4 and 4S all include this camera, its possible that a software update may enable these features, however it may be the case that older phones don't have enough processing power to handle the gesturing workload.

The patent was filed back in 2010.

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