15 Oct 2013

Windows 8.1 hits stores October 18th, as well as a free upgrade to existing users of Windows 8 on October 17th in the Windows Store.  Here we look at some quick details on the revamped OS.

22 Apr 2013

As we celebrate Earth Day, Google Earth has announced that it will support the Leap Motion controller with its desktop application.  Google Earth works on PC, MAC and Linux.  A billion downloads strong, Google Earth will showcase the Leap Motion 3-D control device, due to be released to the public in a few months.

16 Apr 2013

In this article I'll outline the steps I had to take to get Team Foundation Server 2010 server (TFS) upgraded to TFS 2012.  This is just one particular example of the various upgrade paths that might exist, but should give everyone a good rundown on how the process typically works.  I won't cover every possible upgrade scenario in this example, but I will briefly list some of them before digging in deeper.

16 Apr 2013

Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) which is coming later in the year, most likely in the fall, may have the option to boot directly to the desktop.  This would make power users who prefer getting straight to the desktop experience happy and not require third party workarounds, though we had previously outlined some easy ways to boot directly to the desktop for the current iteration of Windows 8.

16 Apr 2013



Bing search results contain more malware than Google's, hacker uses android to remotely hijack home built jet, the next Xbox will control your TV, NASA plans to snag an asteroid, NAS Software options for RAID, Orbx releases Southern Alaska and more.

25 Mar 2013

If you have ever run into a hard drive you wanted to re-format or use and it was labelled as a "GPT Protective Partition", here are the steps you can take, from within Windows to get the ready for action again.

20 Feb 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has a variety of options when it comes to purchasing or subscribing to it.  These options can seem very confusing to the consumer at first.  Of the various forms of Office 2013 there is the Office 365 suite, the stand alone desktop version, and Office web-based apps.  Here we will examine each and try to make sense of it all.

18 Feb 2013

One issue that is run into with Windows 8 is that you can't have Hyper-V enabled and use Vmware Workstation at the same time.  That is, you can use them both at once.  But you can get them to work by creating an extra boot option and rebooting into the proper mode.

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