23 Aug 2012

While aesthetically there aren't any major changes with the Facebook 5.0 iOS app there are improvements that make the app faster than before.  According to Facebook, the app was "rebuilt from the ground up," and is supposed to be twice as fast as the past version.  Overall the app features smoother and faster scrolling and photos load "instantly" thanks to changes from switching from HTML5 to iOS native programming.  I've complained about the iOS Facebook app being slow on our podcasts in the past, at least on a first impression, it appears there is less to complain about with this version at least in terms of speed.

25 Jun 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E18: Windows the Conqueror was recorded on Thursday June 21st, 2012.


Twitter goes offline, Windows Phone 8 details, Xbox 720 rumors, Microsoft Surface, iOS 6, black holes, RC airplanes and more.

11 Jun 2012

At the WWDC conference Apple made some announcements related to iOS 6.0.  Apple has stated there will 200 changes in store for iOS 6.  Among the big changes include the new 3D maps, FaceTime over cellular and Mail enhancements.  The developer beta of iOS 6 will be immediately available to download with the final release coming in the fall, most likely at the same time as the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S along with iPad 2/3 and iPod Touch (4th gen and later) will be able to use the upgrade.

10 Jun 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E17: Your Screen is Leaking was recorded on Saturday June 9th, 2012.


Facebook's App Center launches, iOS 6 confirmed, Microsoft SmartGlass, touchscreen tacticle keyboards, Windows 8 Release Preview details, a new treament for prostate cancer and more.

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31 May 2012

People often have a fascination with watching bad movies.  Now you can do so on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for free with a new app called Popcornflix

The app lets you search by actor's name, provided you know the actors name that you probably never heard of, or by title or genre.

The downside to free you ask?  Well besides being bad movies you also get some ads to go with it.  There is no AirPlay support either.

But either way, if you have time to kill this app is the answer.

Popcornflix can stream movies over WiFi or 3G, but if you use 3G and your on an unlimited plan, particularly from AT&T, be prepared to be throttled if you exceed a certain amount of data, as we have talked about in the past on our podcasts.  The Popcornflix app requires iOS 5.0 or later as well.

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31 May 2012

Cricket Wireless, a subsidiary of Leap, has announced the availability of the iPhone 4 and 4S on their network, available June 22nd.  The 16GB 4S will cost you $500 in coin, while an 8GB 4 will set you back $400.  Both versions are available with Cricket's $55 "unlimited" everything plan.  This includes talk, text, and data, but of course with a catch based on their fair use policy, which is 2.3GB of data.  Yet another "false advertisement" of the promise of unlimited, as we have discussed on the site and in our podcasts

Cricket is not the smallest of all carriers that support the iPhone, as C-Spire is another example.  Cricket is the first completely prepaid carrier to sell the iPhone, this the biggest difference.

If you don't want to be stuck in a contract or have usage-based fees, then head over to Cricket and find out more information by clicking the source link.

Source:  Cricket

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15 May 2012

Google is reportedly working on a version of the Chrome web browser for iOS devices. 

Apparently the launch of Chrome for iOS on the App Store may come as soon as this quarter.  This debut is being viewed as a browser war on mobile devices much like Internet Explorer and Netscape were at war in the 1990s.

In order to design a browser for iOS, the browser must be based on WebKit.   WebKit is Apple's open source browser engine.  Existing versions of Google Chrome for Mac, Windows and Android are already based on WebKit.

Google Chrome has already been a major success on PCs as it significantly reduced desktop traffic acquisition costs for Google.

Google has run previous ad campaigns for Chrome for PC's with major celebrities so we should expect the same for the iOS version in the near future.

Third-party browsers first began appearing in the App Store back in 2009.  Previous to this date, any new browsers that would have rivaled Safari were rejected by the App Store.

Source:  AppleInsider

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07 Mar 2012

Apple has released details of the new iPad, which they are just calling "the new iPad".  The new device has the Retina display, with four times the pixels of the original iPad and iPad 2 at 2048 x 1536 instead of 1024 x 768 on the 9.7" screen.  This doesn't mean more pixels in the same space, but higher-definition pixels with four sub-pixels (approaching what the human eye sees as a continuous tone).

The new iPad gets the same 5-megapixel rear camera as the iPhone 4S, which can shoot HD video as well.

The processing power has been boosted, now with the faster Apple A5X CPU with a quad core graphics engine to handle the increase in pixels.  The unit is thicker, by 0.03 inches than the iPad 2, which has a 0.34 inch thickness.  The model with cellular (now with 4G LTE ability) is heavier:  1.5 pounds compared to 1.4 pounds with the iPad2.  Apple claims the 4G will not diminish the battery life which is 9 to 11 hours.  The iPad can now act as a hotspot just like the iPad with the catch of paying the hotspot data plan fee.

The new iPad does not have Siri, but did gain voice dictation capabilities throughout, similar to Android.

The new iPad will be available for purchase on March 16 in the United States with a few countries as well.  The rest of the world will get it on March 23rd.  It will be the same price as the iPad 2 at $499 for the Wi-Fi only model with a choice of black and white.  The current price on the iPad 2 is at $399.  The wireless 4G models start at $629.

During this same event Apple did announce updated Apple TV models with support for 1080p video with a more iOS-styled UI.  The pricing on Apple TV is $99 and ships next week.

Source:  Foxnews.com

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