13 Mar 2012

If you haven't already heard, there are rumors circulating that the next Xbox may not have an optical drive.  Apparently sources have broke NDA and stated the new Xbox will have an interchangeable solid-state card storage.

It's still being speculated that Microsoft will unveil the new Xbox during E3 2012, for possible launch in 2013.

Microsoft has stated that they "do not comment on rumors or speculation".

So could Microsoft really be going the route of the digital download?  Clearly the thinking is that in the next 2-5 years, most discs will be obsolete, however, some games are massive in size and would require a lot of hard drive space.  What does this also say for backwards compatibility or for retail markets, particularly those that profit on used game sales?  I smell add-on optical drive devices for Microsoft to offer and gain some profit.

Source: MCV

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16 Feb 2012

Take your pick on names for the next Xbox.  There have been names floating around such as Xbox 720 and neXt-box.  Now there is a new one in town, called Durango.  Sources on the internet are a-buzz with reports that "multiple sources close to the project" state it is called Durango.  Granted this won't be the final branded name, but it will be the secret codeword you will hear in the coming months.  Rumors had already been previously floating around that the next Xbox is already in development.  No word yet on whether an official announcement will come during E3.  Some of the previous rumors include Bluray support.  Bluray support seems logical given the growing size of games these days.  There are also Microsoft job postings that seem to hint that the next console will feature more support for 3D.

Source:  Gamespot

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