01 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 12:  Science Spectacular, recorded on Sunday 04-01-12

Summary:  The Nokia Lumia 900 is coming, Google Drive becomes a reality, Best Buy to close 50 store-fronts, strange clouds on Mars, aliens land in Arizona, SpaceX can get us to Mars for cheap, billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, antibody kills cancer in mice and more  

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30 Mar 2012

Highlands Ranch, Co-  Colorado locals were a-buzz over a UFO seen hovering the the skies Wednesday night.  Suha and Mike Owens took video Wednesday from their home in Highlands Ranch.  In the video a light can be seen changing colors and moving from left to right and up and down.

Local news stations received several calls and emails around 8:45 p.m. from viewers who reported seeing a bright light in the western sky.

Chris Peterson, a researcher at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Cloudbait Observatory said what they captured was most likely just a reflective balloon blowing around or a helicopter or other aircraft.  

23 Mar 2012

The sky is falling  or at least an unknown object from outer space has.  A metal object the size of a small car was been discovered in a remote village in Siberia.  Local residents assumed it fell to Earth from space, however Russian space officials examined the object stating it "is not related to space technology."

The object is 440 pounds (200-kilograms).  It is cylindrical and has a dome on one end.  It was found in the woods near the village of Otradnesnky.  Apparently the residents attached it to a trailer and dragged it through the snow to the village.  After alerting the Moscow authorities on March 18th it was promptly taken away for investigation.  A final conclusion will be made once its studied further by experts.  They were able to determine it is made in part, of titanium and was not radioactive. 

22 Mar 2012

A resident is asking questions about the booms at a public meeting on March 21st  Credit:  AP/The-Post-Crescent, Ron Page

-Clintonville, Wisconsin
"Business is booming", literally in Wisconsin.  Recently on Sunday, March 18th five mysterious booms were rumbling the town every two hours, beginning around 8 p.m.  The sounds have continued every night through Wednesday.

Naturally the police received 100 concerned calls from citizens in Clintonville.  They investigated but found nothing.  No one has reported any gas or sewer explosions, nor any landslides.  There weren't any military exercises or explosions in the area either.  One guess was that it was sonic booms or some other type of in-ground disruption, like an earthquake, but no earthquakes were recorded.  Some think this is the work of pranksters.   

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