15 Feb 2012

Microsoft has its heart set on Metro as being the next big thing.  If you want to find out how to submit your Metro-style apps to the Windows Store, there are posts and now a video explaining this process.  The basic gist is that there will be roughly a six-day turnaround for signing and publishing a title, with content compliance being the longest factor, as it involves real people.  There will be a Store developer portal where developers are encouraged to visit prior to the first line of code.  Visual Studio will have a link to the Store portal, taking you to an overview page outlining the app submission process. 

The video below outlines some of this, including the very first goal, of naming your app so no one else comes up with your unique calculator app clone.

Source:  Microsoft, Engadget(Video)

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09 Jan 2012

OnLive, as we have reported in the past, is known for its streaming of console/PC quality graphics to your devices, including mobile ones, but now OnLive is branching out into the area of streaming your favorite Windows 7 apps as well.

It uses the same technique it does (well) for games.  Essentially the video from what would be your PC Monitors is streamed from a remote server where everything gets rendered in the cloud as you work, say in an Excel spreadsheet.  The result of all this gets streamed back to you.  It will work for presentations and HD video as well. 

This app will be available for iPad on Thursday.  It will come with 2GB of cloud storage and access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a few utilities as well as some games to start.  They will have a Pro option with 50GB of storage and priority access along with additional PC apps and features for $9.99 per month.  The OnLive Desktop app will be available on Android soon.

OnLive will also bundle a built in web browser, which they tout can render web pages faster than the built in Tablet versions, due to their proximity to the internet backbone.

OnLive is also coming out with "OnLive Enterprise" for delivering customized apps for organizations of any size in the near future.

This makes for a pretty powerful combination with the ability to do multi-touch gesturing and control of apps such as Excel, bringing the power of Windows essentially into the Tablet realm.  A keen eye should be kept on OnLive, as in time I'm sure we are bound to see more exciting things coming from this company as they grow.

UPDATE:  The launch of the app has been delayed until January 13th.  Apparently they had to work a few bugs out prior to release.

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21 Dec 2011

There is finally an official Microsoft branded app for connecting to your companies Microsoft Lync communications server on iOS.  A week after a bunch of other Microsoft apps arrived for iOS and Android, Microsoft has released versions of the Lync 2010 client on iPhone and iPad.  You can find the iOS app here.  Previously if you wanted to connect to a Microsoft Communicator or Microsoft Lync server, you would have to use a third party app like iDialog, which was pretty good as well.

Both versions are free, just as they are for Windows Phone and Android.  The Lync app requires a corporate connection to Lync 2010 Server or Lync Online.  Lync Online is part of Office 365.

I personally think this is a great move by Microsoft, a giant software company, extending its line of applications onto other platforms.  Hopefully this will be a continuing trend and prove beneficial to Microsoft.

Image Credit:  Apple Store


Here are some of the other apps that Microsoft has recently released:

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09 Dec 2011

The first version of this franchise hit stores way back in 1982, flash forward to 2006, the venerable but resource intensive Flight Simulator X (FSX) was released.  Now Microsoft is putting the last tweaks into their newest iteration called Microsoft Flight, effectively a restarting of the engines for the franchise.

Microsoft is accepting Beta invitations to try out the PC simulation in their Beta Program.  Gather your flight gear and start the engines right here.  The target time frame for the Beta program to start is January 2012.  There is a Non Disclosure Agreement with this one though (NDA).  You can't share multimedia or details of the experience anywhere online while taking part.

01 Dec 2011

Microsoft released information about a Windows Live Skydrive service upgrade.  Their quote is a “simpler app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management and easier uploads with HTML5."

Here is the list...

01 Dec 2011

There will probably be less coffee sipping and snoozing in your chair when it comes to waiting on Windows 8 setup to complete.  Windows 7 typically installs in a somewhat speedy 20 minutes, with Windows 8 and the Developer preview, the same process takes only 8 minutes.  In a Microsoft upgrade test, they also performed an upgrade from Windows 7 (to Windows 8) with 1.44 million files and 120 apps in 52 minutes, compared to 513 minutes in an upgrade to Windows 7 for the same amount of files and applications.

Microsoft will cater to two types of users in Windows 8.  The "get it done fast" type and also the power user variety.  There will also be an online install option in addition to the DVD box variety. 

In the Microsoft Blog they write "In Windows 8, customers do not have to install a separate download manager, mount the ISO to begin the installation, check the hash of the file for verification post-download, manually clean up unneeded files, or restart a download from the beginning should connectivity be interrupted" and "Setup takes care of all of these steps automatically, providing a fast, resilient, and easy setup experience. And again, this is true whether you just want to run a quick upgrade on an existing installation, or to create boot media for an advanced setup experience – either with GUI or unattended."

There will be an advanced setup, similar to what is used today in Windows 7 and then an unattended setup.

Even more, they claim that Windows 8 setup can be completed in as little as eleven clicks.

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01 Dec 2011

Microsoft has announced the purchase of a video discovery tech company called VideoSurf.  Its ultimate goal is to enhance Xbox Live.  It will have the ability to see frames from video and tie that into search results.

There is an iOS app on the app store that has good reviews located here.

Xbox Live is about to release the newest Dashboard update on December 6th featuring voice activated search.  Its possible to imagine a future update that allows someone to say.. "kinect, xbox bing search, lol cats that play the piano'" and instantly video search results with this particular topic pop up.

Source:  joystiq
Image:  videosurf.com

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30 Nov 2011

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