06 Jun 2012

Are you frustrated with sending messages from your smartphone because you mistype on the cumbersome onscreen keyboard?  Those days could be a thing of the past thanks to Tactus Technology, who has demonstrated a technology that allows for a tactile keyboard that appears and disappears on the screen like magic.

13 Mar 2012

A Scientific American article shows how you can add a drop of water on the lens of the iPhone camera and create a magnifying lens / microscope.

Just place a drop of water on the lens and turn the phone over.  The suspended drop will act like a magnifying glass.  The larger droplet will lead to higher magnification and the liquid will be highly sensitive to vibrations.  It will be hard to hold the phone stead with your hands to take a picture.

iPhone Magnification (Image Credit: Scientific American)

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17 Dec 2011



For those of you interested in finding out how to root your Kindle Fire, so you can run custom software and add-ons, PC World has a nice guide you can follow here.  Follow this guide and you'll be getting to the root of the Fire in no time.



Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

15 Nov 2011

Adobe announced eliminating its mobile flash plugin and laying off 750 staff as part of a broader restructure.

The focus is now geared towards HTML5, as globally things are shifting towards more open standards, less proprietary web design that work over all platforms.  With the death of mobile flash, the desktop flash future is in question.  Especially in light of recent Flash vulnerabilities on the desktop in the past 1+ years.  Adobe has cut 750 staff in North America and Europe.  This is a complete reversal by Adobe to shift focus to HTML5 on mobile. 

This ends the long debate over flash and mobile particularly with Apple, since the iPhones release in 2007 without flash ability and then again in 2010 with the iPad.  Steve Jobs once quoted Flash as a “battery hog” that introduced security issues and flaws.  Jobs also convinced Google to get YouTube to make videos with the H.264 format without a Flash interface.

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

14 Nov 2011

We discussed the forthcoming iTunes Match in our previous Tech-Stew Podcast, and now Apple has finally rolled out the iTunes Match service to all with the 10.5.1 update.  They were originally supposed to have iTunes Match ready for action in late October, but better late than never.

So what does iTunes Match do?  For $24.99 per year, you can sync your music that was not purchased from iTunes to the cloud, via iCloud.  This would include music ripped from your own CDs as well.  Once done, you can then listen to them on an any device that is compatible, such as Apple or a Windows PC with iTunes.  If the song that is uploaded, matches one that already exists in the iTunes Store/Library, they will update it to the usual DRM-free 256kbps AAC (m4a) format.

For $24.99 a year, you can upload up to 25,000 songs.  This is a fairly good amount of songs, say an average person having roughly 3000 songs as an example, which may translate into 15 GB of space depending on the bit rate involved.

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