20 Feb 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 has a variety of options when it comes to purchasing or subscribing to it.  These options can seem very confusing to the consumer at first.  Of the various forms of Office 2013 there is the Office 365 suite, the stand alone desktop version, and Office web-based apps.  Here we will examine each and try to make sense of it all.

07 Feb 2013

If you have encountered this annoying prompt when double-clicking on attachments in Outlook, fear not, there is a way to avoid it each time.  This fix applies to Outlook 2007 and above (including 2013).

The Issue

As with any increase in security, Microsoft has become tighter with security in Outlook in particular.  Microsoft has set it to prompt you in case the file you are clicking on is a malicious attachment.  The problem is, you can't uncheck the box so that you can just directly open the attachment.  If you are running a decent antivirus program such as Nod32 or free ones like AVG or Microsoft's Security Essentials, then these attachments will be checked automatically by default.

The Solution

Again, as a word of caution, only perform this action if you already have an anti-virus program installed on your computer that checks attachments for viruses and malicious code.  And of course never open attachments from anyone you don't know.

The simplest solution to fixing this is to hold down the shift key while right clicking on your Outlook shortcut.  Choose "Run as Administrator."  Now go back to the email with the attachment in question and uncheck the box "always ask before opening this type of file" and click open. 

After this, close Outlook and reopen Outlook as you normally would (no need to run as Administrator after the change is made, only when selecting a new file type to change).  Now each time you double-click on that particular type of document whether its a .doc, .html etc, it will automatically open.  Remember you will need repeat the Administrator procedure with each file type that you want to auto open on double click.

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11 Dec 2012

Microsoft has just released their newest Office product, Office 2013.  Usually we think of something newer as being better, but in this case not entirely.  As I did briefly in our last podcast, in this article I’m going over some shortcomings of the new user interface (UI) of Office 2013 in greater detail.  This isn't an overall review on the product, rather just a warning if you are switching to Office 2013.  The warning is related to visual experience that you will get when using Office 2013, particularly that of Lync 2013 and Outlook.

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