12 Apr 2012

The Sony SmartWatch will communicate with your Android phone (Credit: Sony)

Have you ever wished you could wear a watch that could talk to your Android phone?  Look no further than the new Sony SmartWatch, yours from Sony for $150 from their online marketplace and in stores.

Sony's SmartWatch is a watch that allows users to read text messages, e-mail, social updates, manage calls and control music all from the wrist.  For this device to work, it connects to an Android-based handset via Bluetooth.

What makes this device useful to many, is that you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket all the time.  The strap comes in rubber and a choice of colors ranging from black, white to blue.  If you want anything but black you must purchase it separately.  The display is an OLED display 1.3-inches in size.  If you receive a new alert or call the device vibrates.

The watch was originally revealed at the Consumer Electronics show in January.  Sony said that the watch would work with Android phones from Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others.  The battery life is pretty good, lasting four days on one charge and the phone is dust and splash proof, but don't expect to go deep sea diving though.

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11 Apr 2012

Ever wished that you could defeat Bowser literally right from your coffee table with giant built in buttons?  Well, your dreams have come true with the fully-functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.  This is the creation of Charles Lushear that has combined old school entertainment with maple wood and craftsmanship.  Simply plug into an existing classic NES system and go to town.  The table also features a removable glass top with retractable cord to use the furniture as just a table when you are done playing Mario.

The table dimensions are 42" long x 18.25" wide and 18" high and is yours for a cool $3500 from Etsy.

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11 Apr 2012

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is pondering the sanity or lack their of in Google's Project Glass.  "In New York City, that mother* is going to get hit by a car."  This in reaction to anyone wearing Google's new augmented-reality glasses.

Stewart goes on to say that Google is after all, the "world's biggest database of people whizzing in public."  Using Google Glasses would be as if these people "are peeing right in your eye."

He didn't stop there, he went on to rant about the Instagram photo app and the recent acquisition by Facebook.  After the app was explained to him he reacted "Wow.  That's really lame."

He was told that the purchase price was $1 billion, then reacted with "A billion dollars of money? For a thing that kind of ruins your pictures?"

Stewart's senior youth correspondent Jessica Williams explained that it was cheaper than a time machine to make your pictures look like they were taken in the 60s.

"Old people never like new or fun things," explained Williams.

So it is true, an idea that cost $0 about 17 months ago, suddenly turns into $1 billion dollars today.  Who will be the next winner in the "turn something ridiculously simple into something worth billions" game?  Time will certainly tell that story.

Source:  thedailyshow.com (The Social Networth)

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29 Mar 2012

If you still like going to actually test out your gadgets before you buy them at Best Buy, you may not be able to for much longer, if you are near one of the 50 that are closing in the US in 2013.  Best Buy's Q4 earnings report has action items that have it trimming $800 million in costs by 2015.   ”In order to help make technology work for every one of our customers and transform our business as the consumer electronics industry continues to evolve, we are taking major actions to improve our operating performance,” said Best Buy CEO Brian J. Dunn 

The closings are part of this, but some staff could be moved to the 100 Best Buy Mobile (small format stand-alone stores) set to launch next year.  These moves do show the growing trend of online purchasing and mobile devices and how these trends are now influencing Best Buy's thinking.  The costs to maintain the smaller store fronts will certainly help their cause.

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Source:  bgr.com

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15 Nov 2011

While Apple has their iPads at anywhere from $499 to $699, Kindle Fire is set to be $199.  Not to mention there is also the $249 Nook tablet.  Apple is unlikely to drop their prices for some time, given past history which such things as the MacBook Air, which began at $1800 to $3000 and stayed there for several years.  If you are just want the web, videos, books and apps, then the Fire will likely do all this, which I think the majority of users do.

Cnet has their own review on the Kindle Fire here.  From a tech perspective it has a 7” screen.  It integrates with Amazon's lineup of music, video, magazine and book services.  It has a web browser and an Android app store with big titles like Netflix, Pandora and Hulu.  The "bad" on the device is there is no 3G, camera, microphone, gps etc.  Only 8GB of storage with no expansion slot, no Bluetooth and minimal parental controls.  App selection as of now is not as good as Google's.  You need an Amazon Prime subscription for full advantage on unique features.

But even though it lacks some of the things found in pricier Apple and Android devices at $199 it still packs a lot of value for $199, now that they are going to be making their way to consumers, time will tell how well they truely stack up to the competion such as the Nook or even an iPad.
How does the Kindle Fire compare to the Nook on paper?

01 Nov 2011

Remember back when Kinect was just a new fad? Frankly I have the device and I can tell you that its pretty fantastic in the gaming realm, but as time moves on, we appear to be poised to see more and more practical applications for the device hit the market. Many have already been showcased on internet threads, such as a cool way to have interactive presentations in a business setting to those of managing personal finances to scientific research tools. These uses have been termed hacks. So perhaps as a result, Microsoft is planning its own commercial SDK for the device. Early next year it is due to be released. After the break is also a video clip showing the many possibilities Kinect has to offer.

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