20 Feb 2012

Check out the jaw dropping trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.  Be sure to arm your weapons and get ready to defend Mother Earth this March, its going to be one tough battle.

Mass Effect 3 Details


Earth is burning and mankind may not survive. A race of terrorizing machines, known only as Reapers, from beyond known space has invaded our home planet and left a trail of destruction in its wake. With civilization on the brink of eradication, an Alliance Marine, Commander Shepard, is the last hope for humanity's survival. He must rally civilizations from around the galaxy to launch one final mission to take back Earth and save the human race from annihilation

MSRP:            $59.99
Developer:   BioWare
Release:       March 6, 2012
Publisher:     Electronic Arts
Genre:           Action, RPG
Rating:          M (Mature)
Multiplayer: Yes, Cooperative

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16 Feb 2012

Take your pick on names for the next Xbox.  There have been names floating around such as Xbox 720 and neXt-box.  Now there is a new one in town, called Durango.  Sources on the internet are a-buzz with reports that "multiple sources close to the project" state it is called Durango.  Granted this won't be the final branded name, but it will be the secret codeword you will hear in the coming months.  Rumors had already been previously floating around that the next Xbox is already in development.  No word yet on whether an official announcement will come during E3.  Some of the previous rumors include Bluray support.  Bluray support seems logical given the growing size of games these days.  There are also Microsoft job postings that seem to hint that the next console will feature more support for 3D.

Source:  Gamespot

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27 Jan 2012

IGN is reporting from sources close to the Microsoft project, that the next version of the Xbox will be derived from AMD 6000 series GPU's, a 2011 released GPU, not a newer AMD 7000 series.  It will be a GPU similar to that of the Radeon HD 6670, with DirectX11, 1080p, multi-display output and 3D.  Mass production of the GPU is supposed to occur in late 2012, followed by the console launch in October or November of 2013.

Such specs give the next Xbox, six times the processing power of the Xbox 360 and performance of around 20 percent greater than the forthcoming Nintendo Wii U.  The Wii U is supposed to have the R770, a chip that should be stronger than that of the 360 and PS3.

Other rumors derived from uncovered Microsoft resumes indicate the new Xbox will have gesture and voice input, possibly a type of integrated Kinect.

Either way, a next generation Xbox has been long over due, this is good news and a hint of what is to come.

Source:  IGN

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18 Jan 2012

There is another game in the growing list of Free-to-Play MMORPG's out there, a new trend that is catching on.  Star Trek Online is set in the year 2409 (for reference, Star Trek Nemesis was set in the year 2379).  You can captain a Starship as a Federation or Klingon captain and go on missions and combat.

I've played the game and can tell you that its really a lot of fun.  They have expanded the content over the years as well.  You will find mixed reviews out there, but now that it is free, nothing to lose in trying it.  So fire up your warp drive engine, set your mouse to stun and prepare to engage with Star Trek Online.

You can download the game to get started, from here.
As a side note, if you are interested in checking out the Star Trek Timeline, look at this link for details.

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12 Jan 2012

This video clip shows us what Skyrim may be like, set in the year 2012.. pretty entertaining.

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30 Dec 2011

The OnLive gaming platform continues to grow with its collection of games.  As I've commented in some of our Podcasts, I personally play a few games on the system and find it to be an enjoyable experience.  I've commented on how the graphics are solid, though not quite as "sharp" as PC counter-parts.  I decided to grab a few screenshots from both the PC and the OnLive system and compare.  In both cases the original resolution was 1920x1080, but to show more detail I have cropped them on particular areas.

Before we get to the comparison here are some details on the OnLive experience and requirements.

To play a game you simply have to go to their site and sign up for a free user account.  Once you have an account you can then try virtually every game they have in their library with the demo option, usually a 30 minute timed demo. 

17 Dec 2011

For those of you who may not be aware... You can configure things, so that Skyrim outputs multi-channel surround sound just like on an Xbox or PS3.  Assuming you already have your Windows PC hooked up to a multi-channel receiver, you go to the sound icon in the system tray. 

Right click it and choose "Playback devices".

Now right click your sound device and choose "Configure Speakers", then choose 5.1 or 7.1.

Once configured, Skyrim will output fantastically decoded 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound on your PC so now you can hear your Dragon Shouts in their full glory.

One note, however:  If you are using SPDIF or Optical, most likely you won't see the "Configure Speaker" option.. this only seems to work on "HDMI" connections.

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09 Dec 2011

As we previously covered, Dragon Shout had been working on a portable smartphone map for Skyrim.

The app is now available via the app store here.  They state on their website that an android version is coming soon.

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