23 Aug 2012

While aesthetically there aren't any major changes with the Facebook 5.0 iOS app there are improvements that make the app faster than before.  According to Facebook, the app was "rebuilt from the ground up," and is supposed to be twice as fast as the past version.  Overall the app features smoother and faster scrolling and photos load "instantly" thanks to changes from switching from HTML5 to iOS native programming.  I've complained about the iOS Facebook app being slow on our podcasts in the past, at least on a first impression, it appears there is less to complain about with this version at least in terms of speed.

13 Jun 2012

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10 Jun 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E17: Your Screen is Leaking was recorded on Saturday June 9th, 2012.


Facebook's App Center launches, iOS 6 confirmed, Microsoft SmartGlass, touchscreen tacticle keyboards, Windows 8 Release Preview details, a new treament for prostate cancer and more.

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25 May 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E16: Whoa Not So Fast was recorded on Friday May 25th, 2012.


Facebook launches a camera app, Windows 8 booting too fast, Leap Motion control system, Verizon kills grandfathered unlimited plans, SpaceX docks with iss and more.

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25 May 2012

Thursday Facebook launched a photo-sharing app called Facebook Camera, that looks to make it simpler for user's of the social network to upload and browse photos on smartphones.

This news comes weeks after Facebook spent $1 billion on the purchase of a similar app called Instagram.  It has also only been days since the company has gone public and received a mediocre response on Wall Street.

16 May 2012


Facebook messages now feature the ability to determine if the message you sent a friend has been read.

Every message you send now has this turned on by default.  The message gets marked as "seen" if the person is actively chatting or checking their messages.  No matter where you send the message from, whether your phone or the web it is enabled.

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