28 Apr 2014

There are lots of pre-fab NAS options out there such as Drobo or Synology devices, but with the right parts you can build a home built system for a bit less with a lot more expandability and flexibility than those other options.  In this article I'll outline my own custom build of a NAS server and the equipment I used to make it all possible.  I used some spare parts and shelving to make for a more convenient setup over the short term without the need for a rack initially.  In some ways this article is an update to this setup I've been running for awhile, showing its been a venerable setup in the longer run so far.

22 Apr 2013

As we celebrate Earth Day, Google Earth has announced that it will support the Leap Motion controller with its desktop application.  Google Earth works on PC, MAC and Linux.  A billion downloads strong, Google Earth will showcase the Leap Motion 3-D control device, due to be released to the public in a few months.

16 Apr 2013

I recently came across this USB 3.0 dock offered on Newegg for around $35, the Syba Connectland CL-ENC50038.  It features the ability to connect up two 3.5" harddrives at the same time, or two 2.5" size drives, or a combination of the two.  It supports up to 3TB according to the documentation, though a 4TB Western Digital that was tested also worked.  In this article I'll show you some of the features and some real world benchmarks of the drive from my own testing.

28 Mar 2013

Recently, NewEgg had a fantastic price on this Seagate STCA4000100 4TB USB 3.0 external hard drive.  It was at that time I decided to purchase three of these to move to a more traditional NAS setup, either with a Drobo style NAS or a home built server based design.  I'll have more on the home built variety in a future article, but for now I wanted to show everyone the method to cracking this guy open and some test results on the drive itself, which in most cases is a 5900 RPM drive, unless you were one of the ones that ended up with a 7200 rpm model.  This whole process actually takes less than five minutes and should not void the warranty.

08 Jan 2013

Here is the live feed from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presented by the Tech Podcast Network (TPN), which we are affiliated with.  CES 2013 begins January 8th in Las Vegas, NV.  Watch interviews and see various vendors from the show here.

04 Jan 2013

The Dell Precision line now has a new design, coupled with Sandy Bridge-E making for an interesting combination.  In the home builder world, Sandy Bridge-E isn't a first choice for hardcore enthusiasts, but for workstations in the Enterprise it has its place and does well.  The Dell Precision line can handle Xeon processors ranging from quad-core to six-core CPU's.  As of 02/11/2013 I've updated the article with some info and screenshots related to the running temperature of the CPU.  See below for more info.

23 Jul 2012

On the surface this looks like your typical blocky power strip, but under the hood this device is a full fledged hacking tool designed to let white hat hackers (the good-guy hackers) test the security level of a computer network whether wired or wireless.

The Power Pwn has an entire suite of hacking software built in, for testing Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Bluetooth.  You can add an optional 3G/GSM adapter whcih is compatible with SIM cards from AT&T, Vodafone, Oragne and GSM carriers in 160 countries.  The Power Pwn was partially funded by DARPA, which has a vested interest in protecting the governments networks, but with a pre-order price of nearly $1300, this might make the non-government regular person shy away.

Of its many specs it also includes 16GB of internal disk space, has a fully automated NAC/802.1x/RADIUS bypass.  All 8 outlets are fully functional.  It is preloaded with Debian 6, Metasploit, SET, Fast-Track, w3af, Kismet, Aircrack, SSLstrip, nmap, Hydra, dsniff, Scapy, Ettercap, Bluetooth/VoIP/IPv6 tools and more.

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16 May 2012

Researchers at the Tokyo University have achieved 3Gbps transfers over a 542GHz wireless connection, part of the 300GHz-3THz terahertz band.  This is twice the speed record held by chip producer Rohm which was set back in November which achieved 1.5Gbps transfers on a 300GHz connection.

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