08 Jan 2013

Here is the live feed from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presented by the Tech Podcast Network (TPN), which we are affiliated with.  CES 2013 begins January 8th in Las Vegas, NV.  Watch interviews and see various vendors from the show here.

11 Jun 2012

Do you cringe when you see people taking pictures and shooting videos with their modern cameras vertically?  Well don't despair there is hope!  Maria and Fafa talk about the Vertical Video Syndrome in this PSA video and what you should do.  Hopefully after this you have some sense of action on this very serious problem world-wide.

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31 May 2012

Cricket Wireless, a subsidiary of Leap, has announced the availability of the iPhone 4 and 4S on their network, available June 22nd.  The 16GB 4S will cost you $500 in coin, while an 8GB 4 will set you back $400.  Both versions are available with Cricket's $55 "unlimited" everything plan.  This includes talk, text, and data, but of course with a catch based on their fair use policy, which is 2.3GB of data.  Yet another "false advertisement" of the promise of unlimited, as we have discussed on the site and in our podcasts

Cricket is not the smallest of all carriers that support the iPhone, as C-Spire is another example.  Cricket is the first completely prepaid carrier to sell the iPhone, this the biggest difference.

If you don't want to be stuck in a contract or have usage-based fees, then head over to Cricket and find out more information by clicking the source link.

Source:  Cricket

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16 May 2012

Verizon has revealed from their communications CFO, Fran Shammo that they will be getting rid of any grandfathered unlimited data plans.  This came from a presentation given by Shammo at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference.  Yet another anti-consumer move by communications companies.

Shammo said, "Everyone will be on data share," and everyone will be forced onto Verizon's new shared data plans once the upgrade cycle comes.

22 Apr 2012


The wait is over the official Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone has arrived and can be downloaded via the Windows Phone Marketplace, fulfilling Microsoft's statement at the Mobile World Congress that it would be arriving in April.  You can opt to retrieve the app straight from your phone itself, but it can take up to two days for Skype for Windows Phone to propagate in all local Windows Phone Marketplaces. 

With Skype for Windows Phone you can interface with over 200 million people that use Skype each month on multiple platforms.  Skype for Windows Phone can be used across 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

22 Apr 2012

The United States Patent and Trademark office recently published details regarding a Microsoft patent that relates to a two-sided smart device display system for phones and tablets.  The patent involves an integrated second low-power display, possibly E-Ink, on the back side of a smart device or tablet.  The secondary screen could allow a vendor to put less commonly used icons off of the main screen to free space or show other information not shown in the main screen.  The second display would use a low-powered processor to reduce the load from the main screen, helping with battery life. 

01 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 12:  Science Spectacular, recorded on Sunday 04-01-12

Summary:  The Nokia Lumia 900 is coming, Google Drive becomes a reality, Best Buy to close 50 store-fronts, strange clouds on Mars, aliens land in Arizona, SpaceX can get us to Mars for cheap, billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, antibody kills cancer in mice and more  

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01 Feb 2012

There are many rumors floating around regarding Windows Phone 8 code-named "Apollo" due out in the fourth quarter.  Some are speculating that the new mobile OS will abandon the Windows CE kernel (Windows Embedded Compact) in favor of the core NT kernel as with Windows 8.  None of those speculations can be proven thus far.  Interesting speculation, because if it were true, then there could potentially be one App Store for both platforms, similar to Apple, but on to what we do know.   **Update**:  It was recently revealed that there is some truth to these statements, that Windows 8 phone will share some of the same code base and kernel as Windows 8 for desktops.

What is certain is that ultimately Microsoft wants an overall union of software from platform to platform.  This dates back to last July when the president of Microsoft's Windows Division made this proclamation that ultimately there would be a single ecosystem for PC's,phones and tablets.  It was later stated by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, that he expected Windows 8 to eventually run Windows Phones apps.  The major goal of "Apollo" will be to allow phone manufacturers to create higher-end devices to compete with others like the Samsung Galaxy S3 with more powerful dual-core and higher processors.

Windows Phone 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps

Many rumor mills out there had it stated that Windows 7 Phone apps would probably be incompatible with Windows Phone "Apollo" 8 apps.  But Brandon Watson a Microsoft representative stated that Microsoft was pretty clear that apps of today would work in Windows Phone 8 during the Mix11 keynote.  The keynote can be found here.  Next, its time to Tango...

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