20 Feb 2012

If you have not already heard, WinZip for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available for free.  You can head on over to the iTunes store and download it from here.  The tried and true Windows app has finally infiltrated iOS space, making it possible for you to unzip files that you share with others.  You can open .zip files and .zip attachments directly from within the iOS email application, as well as browse and view the .zip files, open encrypted ones and copy the contents of the files to the iOS clipboard.  You can't however, create new WinZip files at this time.



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20 Feb 2012

Check out the jaw dropping trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.  Be sure to arm your weapons and get ready to defend Mother Earth this March, its going to be one tough battle.

Mass Effect 3 Details


Earth is burning and mankind may not survive. A race of terrorizing machines, known only as Reapers, from beyond known space has invaded our home planet and left a trail of destruction in its wake. With civilization on the brink of eradication, an Alliance Marine, Commander Shepard, is the last hope for humanity's survival. He must rally civilizations from around the galaxy to launch one final mission to take back Earth and save the human race from annihilation

MSRP:            $59.99
Developer:   BioWare
Release:       March 6, 2012
Publisher:     Electronic Arts
Genre:           Action, RPG
Rating:          M (Mature)
Multiplayer: Yes, Cooperative

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19 Feb 2012

Verizon and Redbox team up, Amazon brick store rumors, Google Wallet woes, hover boards, Toxoplasma Gondii, Windows 8 beta, Windows on ARM and more

Pick of the week: VLC 2.0, Chrome for Android

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16 Feb 2012

Just as Windows 8 is gearing up for a release this year, here comes another upgrade for Mac users.  Mac 10.8 otherwise known as Mountain Lion was made available to developers today.  The upgrade will be available via a download only option from the Mac App Store in late summer.  In the past such upgrades have been in the neighborhood of $29.   10.7 (Leopard) was released in July of 2011.

Perhaps taking queues from Microsoft (as with Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8) or maybe vice versa, the new Mountain Lion will have a look and feel that is similar across various platforms like the iPad and iPhone.  Since Lion originally released, they have shipped 17 million copies, making it Apple's best-selling release.

As part of this unification across systems, the new OS will replace Lion's iChat with a version from the iOS Messages application.  As a result, Mac users will be able to exchange text messages with iOS devices as well as continue conversations moving from device to the next.  You can download a copy of the beta of Messages from the Apple site here.  The iCloud service will be extended to the Mac as well and there will be the ability to share information on Twitter's microblogging service from within Mac apps.  Twitter will be integrated into many programs like Safari, iPhoto and Photo Booth.

One other change is that of the Game Center, a central hub for pairing anonymous players across the internet.  This will now be found on the Mac as well.  Also, if you have an Apple TV you can project what is on your Mac to your TV through the air, wirelessly.  This is exactly what you are thinking, AirPlay has arrived on the Mac.  The possibilities are great, such as YouTube videos, Netflix movies, etc, all within a few clicks and onto your TV at 720p.
Another feature is that there will be more of them for Chinese users.  There is a character recognition program that updates the Mac's Chinese dictionary as new words enter the language.  There are also Chinese equivalents for Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

So, the next 10 months will certainly prove interesting as both Mac and Windows begin to show how their software can be unified across all platforms, a necessary and great sign of things to come.

Source:  Apple

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16 Feb 2012

Take your pick on names for the next Xbox.  There have been names floating around such as Xbox 720 and neXt-box.  Now there is a new one in town, called Durango.  Sources on the internet are a-buzz with reports that "multiple sources close to the project" state it is called Durango.  Granted this won't be the final branded name, but it will be the secret codeword you will hear in the coming months.  Rumors had already been previously floating around that the next Xbox is already in development.  No word yet on whether an official announcement will come during E3.  Some of the previous rumors include Bluray support.  Bluray support seems logical given the growing size of games these days.  There are also Microsoft job postings that seem to hint that the next console will feature more support for 3D.

Source:  Gamespot

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16 Feb 2012

While not remotely powered by the new and improved Robonaut 2, this rocket called Xombie is certainly cool.  Watch the video clip below as it "leap frogs" from one landing pad to another, vertically.  Masten Space Systems and Draper Laboratory are part of a program with NASA intended to develop an inexpensive and reusable vehicle that can carry research equipment on suborbital flights.  This program will also be used as testing for technology for landers going to the moon, Mars, and other solar system targets.

This 67-second test flight was made on February 2nd, 2012 at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.  It climbed 50 meters (164 feet) before flying laterally 50 meters and landing safely on the other landing pad.  They previously did a successful test flight in 2010.  It is controlled by a guidance system developed by Draper.  They use the Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment (GENIE) to control its systems.  That was one (more) small lateral flight for NASA, one giant leap for Xombie.

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15 Feb 2012

A new company called Aereo is going to stream OTA broadcast stations for $12 a month launching March 14th, but with a catch.. it will only be available to those in New York City through Aereo’s HTML5-powered website.  Aereo will offer cloud-based DVR service on an internet connected device such as a media streamer, phone, tablet or tv.  Aereo does the streaming via large devices containing tiny, dime-sized TV antennas which are connected to the cloud, where those individual antennas correspond to individual users.  Given the limited accessibility of the service and potential backlash regarding copyright issues, it may be premature to put away your Slingboxes, however, such an idea is intriguing and could grow in time if allowed.

Source:  Aereo, Venturebeat 

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15 Feb 2012

Microsoft has its heart set on Metro as being the next big thing.  If you want to find out how to submit your Metro-style apps to the Windows Store, there are posts and now a video explaining this process.  The basic gist is that there will be roughly a six-day turnaround for signing and publishing a title, with content compliance being the longest factor, as it involves real people.  There will be a Store developer portal where developers are encouraged to visit prior to the first line of code.  Visual Studio will have a link to the Store portal, taking you to an overview page outlining the app submission process. 

The video below outlines some of this, including the very first goal, of naming your app so no one else comes up with your unique calculator app clone.

Source:  Microsoft, Engadget(Video)

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