15 Jan 2016

With Windows 10 there is no way via the gui or control panel, to set the amount of items that can appear in a given jump list.  Its pretty much limited to 10 items at any given time.  Well there is good news, as there is a registry hack that can enable many more, instantly.

01 Apr 2012

Netflix revealed today that they are acquiring the cloud based OnLive gaming company for $1.1 billion.  OnLive currently offers a free membership.  Once you have the membership you can then purchase the rights to play individual games for a one time fee ranging in price or you can get play passes for multiple days or playpack subscriptions.

Netflix has stated that the Netflix branded online streaming of games will keep the OnLive interface intact, but will offer different pricing plans to be announced.

Netflix will be combining resources between OnLive and their own servers to provide even more quality to the streaming of the games.  This teaming will also prove beneficial in the battle to get the licensing figured out for the OnLive cloud based Windows-on-iPad service (OnLive Desktop), which was recently tagged by Microsoft as violating licensing terms.

Netflix has indicated that the existing mini-console offered by OnLive for playback of video games on TV's will also support the playback of all Netflix content, making it an all in one multimedia device.  There are some rumors that Netflix may try to offer playback of video games on existing game consoles (where movie streaming supported), but some manufacturers may try to block this feature.

This move by Neflix is possibly Foolish, given their past moves such as with Quickster.

The Tech-Stew Take Home **Update**

Well as you might have guessed from the last line of the main article...  APRIL FOOLS!.  This topic does make good fodder for discussion or in a future podcast.  There could be many negative side effects to such a merger if it were to happen.  The first would be less competition.  Less competition usually leads to less quality in a product.  With Netflix being the only major streaming company around right now, there is not much room for competition.  Sure there is Hulu and Amazon, but in the big market, Netflix leads the way as of now.  Verizon is to have streaming of their own soon, so is Comcast with Xfinity Streampix, but that's for Comcast customers.  I think most would say that OnLive remaining a solo act, is a good thing for the time being, especially as they begin to move into other areas outside of just gaming, such as their service called OnLive Desktop that runs Windows on iPad and even streaming movies. 

As we move into next generation consoles, we will see more of a shift towards downloading the games (possibly the only way to get new content), but that is downloading, not so much streaming as of now anyway.  OnLive graphically is already pretty good, not quite as close as top end PC graphics on a stand-alone-machine, but very playable.  OnLive is leading us into this new frontier of streaming games and with a bit more time, it will become an even more solid platform for the future.  At any rate, Happy April Fools 2012 to everyone. 

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27 Feb 2012

We first reported that Google was making these types of glasses in our podcasts.  Now it would seem that we will be able to get them by years end and feel just like a Terminator.  First there was augmented reality on your smartphone, well move over, because now we will have augmented reality via a pair of glasses.  The cost is expected to range between $250 and $600.

These glasses are expected to be Android-based with a small screen that will be a few inches from the eye.  There will be a 3G or 4G connection and motion sensors as well as GPS.  Apparently users can use the navigation system using head tilting to scroll and click.  This method apparently becomes second nature and is almost unnoticeable by outside people.

There will be a camera built in, that can monitor things in real-world time and overlay relevant information.  This all raises privacy concerns and is being addressed by the team at Google X.

The glasses would naturally tap into existing Google software products.  All of the information displayed would be of the augmented reality variety, rather than a dedicated web browser or similar method.

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24 Jan 2012

CES 2012 highlights, Romibo the Therapeutic Robot, SOPA blackouts, Antarctic drilling through ice for a lake, MegaUpload arrests, Invisible Metamaterials and More
*Apologies: During ice drilling bit, i think i said Europa and Saturn, that of course is Europa around Jupiter.

App of the week: Call of Duty Elite, Data Protection Manager 2010

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18 Jan 2012

Scientists are attempting to get to a lake that exists under 2 miles of Antarctica’s ice.  The lake is called Lake Ellsworth and is 7 miles long by 1 mile wide and 500 feet deep.  This lake is isolated from outside influence for hundreds of thousands of years.  They are expecting to find microorganisms.  Scientists say this is just one of many lakes that have been discovered in the region. 

They began drilling early this year, but work has since stopped and may not resume until November 2012.  They use a hot water drill, one of the largest ever built, with a hose 2.2 miles long.

It would seem logical, that such drilling could be used as a practice and a model for such drilling on many of the ice covered moons, such as Jupiter's Europa.  Europa's ice is actually much thicker at around 6 to 19 miles thick.  NASA hopes to explore and drill such locations via robotic instruments in the near future in similar searches for life, but budget cuts have prevented such missions from occurring, at least for now.

Further details on this topic can be found here.

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12 Jan 2012

According to Space.com and other sources, the Russian Agency is suggesting that failures such as the Mars probe Phobos-Grunt and other setbacks last year may be the result of foul play.

This Phobos-Grunt probe is due to enter the Earth's atmosphere Sunday, January 15th.  It was launched November 8th and became stuck in Earth orbit.  Apparently unnamed people may have brought it down and caused at least four other failures back in 2011.

It would seem that when the crafts enter the "dark" side of Earth, or areas where they can't see the craft and do not receive telemetry data, is when these failures occur.

There have also been other rocket failures in 2011, among them most recently on December 23, 2011, an unmanned Soyuz-2 rocket crashed shortly after liftoff.

These set backs are surely raising serious concerns from agencies like NASA who rely heavily on Russian spacecraft to help support the International Space Station (ISS).  NASA had recently retired the Space Shuttle fleet and it will be some time before the agency has new spacecraft to ferry astronauts to ISS.  NASA has been encouraging private companies to take on the space taxi service, such as agencies like SpaceX.  SpaceX is working on manned vehicles for the near future.  The hope is to have these up and running by 2015.

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12 Jan 2012

                                             2012 Apocalypse as depicted in the movie 2012
Well we have arrived in the year 2012, which many predict will be the last year for Earth, as it is supposed to end on December 21st, 2012.  Have you gathered up your paper products and canned foods yet?  Folks, rest assured that the rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.  We will most likely see December 22nd and 2013 so sleep easy.  The Earth is always under various threats from Mother Nature and space, but there are no known threats to this magnitude for 2012.

3 main reasons why there will not be an apocalypse in 2012:

  • The Earth has been around for 4 billion years, there is no known threats for 2012.

  • The origin of this theory for 2012 is related to a planet called Nibiru, a planet discovered (or claimed to have been) by the Sumerians.  This planet was to head for Earth and cause mass destruction (Sounds like a few movies doesn't it).  Originally predicted for 2003 it now got bumped up to 2012.  This was linked to the end of the Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012, so therefore arose the claims of a 2012 Apocalypse.

  • So, that brings us to the next question, does the Mayan calendar really end December 21st 2012?  No, this calendar does not just end and vanish on that date.  The date Dec 21st, 2012 is just the end of the Mayan long-count period, however, then a new long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar after this.

You can read more on this subject in greater detail in the article published by Space.com.

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12 Jan 2012

This video clip shows us what Skyrim may be like, set in the year 2012.. pretty entertaining.

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