02 Nov 2011

We posted yesterday about the possible battery drain issues that have been reported by iPhone 4S users.  Apple has acknowledged a "small number of customers" are having this issue on iOS 5 devices.  There were no clear answers on what the exact cause was, just that several bugs are causing the issue, related to autonomy of the device.  Apparently this fix should arrive in a few weeks.

According to user chatter, some believe the location service is running when it shouldn't, while some think the notification system is to blame.  There has been success by disabling iCloud and location services.

SOURCE:  Techspot

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02 Nov 2011

ipad 3d gestures

Move over fingers, there is a new way to control your Apple device.  In the future you may be able to control a tablet from across a room using 3D gestures, such as swirling or swiping your hand.  A newly revealed Apple patent, indicates you will be able to manipulate/control graphical elements on the display like icons and media files.  There are many forms for the gestures (E.g. half-circle or square or symbols like question marks).

01 Nov 2011

iphone4s battery life

Same old story all over again.  New iPhone is released, followed by great sales then yet another glitch.  This glitch isn't affecting everyone, but its enough to get customers upset and be reported.

The iPhone 4S was released on October 14th and is suffering from poor battery life.  It is not quite the level of the "death grip" issue from before though.

Official specs state that it should have power for eight hours of talk time, six hours of internet usage, ten hours of video and 200 standby.  This all being on a 3G connection.  All of these numbers are within one hour of the iPhone 4 with the exception of standby, rated at 300 hours on the iPhone 4.

Many are reporting that their phones are not lasting anywhere near the reduced value.

Apple has been silent on this apparent issue, perhaps, as in the past, to research the issue then address it.


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01 Nov 2011

While we still dont have tractor beams in the Star Trek sense, lasers have been used in lab tests with the ability to trap and move tiny particles. As a result NASA has budgeted $100,000 to test robotic space missions that could utilize these lasers to capture stardust.

NASA was originally thinking of this idea to find a way to solve the issue of space junk above the earth.

NASA scientist Paul Stysley, a laser engineer at Goddard in Greenbelt, MD had stated that "to pull something that huge would be almost impossible - at least now".

27 Oct 2011



This video was found on youtube and is quite intriguing.  Operated via remote control, this robot does quite well cruising around on his mini bike. 

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