01 Nov 2011

Remember back when Kinect was just a new fad? Frankly I have the device and I can tell you that its pretty fantastic in the gaming realm, but as time moves on, we appear to be poised to see more and more practical applications for the device hit the market. Many have already been showcased on internet threads, such as a cool way to have interactive presentations in a business setting to those of managing personal finances to scientific research tools. These uses have been termed hacks. So perhaps as a result, Microsoft is planning its own commercial SDK for the device. Early next year it is due to be released. After the break is also a video clip showing the many possibilities Kinect has to offer.

01 Nov 2011

human controlled multicopter

It was reported, that the worlds first manned flight of an electric multicopter has occurred.  This could have been quite messy for the human aboard this device if a malfunction had occurred.  German engineers at e-volo have created this device.  This device uses many mini helicopters to lift the passenger upwards into the sky.  Click the Read More to see the video.

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