10 Jan 2012

Unless you have already hacked the Xbox 360 Kinect and are already using it on Windows to remotely control and gesture your sidekick robot, now there is a reason to be excited.  The official Windows version is being released on February 1st.  You can pre-order it now for a mere $249.99 (read sarcasm, as the Kinect with games on 360 is $120).  This version has the ability to focus on objects 50 cm from the lens, which is fantastic considering the current setup requires at least 5 feet of distance.  The intention of the device is to use in conjunction with Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK or applications that have been developed using the SDK.  It won't be long now, you will probably see this Kinect if not future streamlined versions of it in your business meetings.

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09 Jan 2012

OnLive, as we have reported in the past, is known for its streaming of console/PC quality graphics to your devices, including mobile ones, but now OnLive is branching out into the area of streaming your favorite Windows 7 apps as well.

It uses the same technique it does (well) for games.  Essentially the video from what would be your PC Monitors is streamed from a remote server where everything gets rendered in the cloud as you work, say in an Excel spreadsheet.  The result of all this gets streamed back to you.  It will work for presentations and HD video as well. 

This app will be available for iPad on Thursday.  It will come with 2GB of cloud storage and access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a few utilities as well as some games to start.  They will have a Pro option with 50GB of storage and priority access along with additional PC apps and features for $9.99 per month.  The OnLive Desktop app will be available on Android soon.

OnLive will also bundle a built in web browser, which they tout can render web pages faster than the built in Tablet versions, due to their proximity to the internet backbone.

OnLive is also coming out with "OnLive Enterprise" for delivering customized apps for organizations of any size in the near future.

This makes for a pretty powerful combination with the ability to do multi-touch gesturing and control of apps such as Excel, bringing the power of Windows essentially into the Tablet realm.  A keen eye should be kept on OnLive, as in time I'm sure we are bound to see more exciting things coming from this company as they grow.

UPDATE:  The launch of the app has been delayed until January 13th.  Apparently they had to work a few bugs out prior to release.

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09 Jan 2012

Want to enjoy the perks of a 3DTV, but don't want to be hampered by bulky 3D glasses? Enamored with the glasses free technology of the 3DS? According to Engadget, at CES 2012 Toshiba has just revealed its new 55 inch, 4K, glasses-free 3DTV that up to nine people can watch at a time. Technological progress isn’t cheap, however - this piece of tech may set you back an estimated $10,000 sometime in the first quarter of this year. Is it too early to start writing letters to Santa…?

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09 Jan 2012

CNET is reporting on a new 3D printer being released by Cubify in the first quarter of 2012, showcased at CES.  It will be available for the very low price of $1299.  While still not quite mass consumer accessible price wise, its features certainly look intriguing.

They tout users like a Father, Mother, or anyway, will be able to use their services on their website to make 3D objects (Beginning January 10th 2012).  End users can submit designs for objects to the website as well.  In addition users can also use the cloud 3D print service to have things delivered to their house without the need for a 3D printer.

Check out the video via CNET below:

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09 Jan 2012

OCZ's new device is definitely worth a mention (being shown at CES), though with certainty will be an expensive one once you add in the drives for it.  Anandtech.com is showing us how OCZ has united four Indilinx Everest controllers and put them in conjunction with custom OCZ FPGAs with a VCA (virtualized controller architecture) format.  The result is the Chiron.

This enclosure will hold a maximum of 4TB and in a 3.5" form factor. It features transfer rates as high as 560 MB/s and over 100,000 4k IOPS.

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09 Jan 2012

Space.com is showcasing this story of G-Form, a company that features extreme electronics cases, and their video of an iPad falling from the edge of space, in this case around 100,000 feet (30,480 meters) before the weather balloon they used, burst.  The iPad stayed on the whole time and remained functional after its journey.

Check out the high definition video here:

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06 Jan 2012

Google demotes Chrome, iOS face recognition, 100% quantum efficient solar cells, moon minerals in Australian rocks, Minecraft 3D print outs, 2012 predictions and more. 
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05 Jan 2012


Windows 8 will have a feature called Reset and Refresh, users can restore Windows to a clean state without install media or 3rd party recovery partitions, similar to what tablets, smartphones and other appliances use.

This ability can be found in Control panel, through the pre-boot windows recovery environment or through a bootable USB drive (which is created via a special tool).

There is a quick and thorough option.  The thorough will wipe it on a deeper level by writing random data to each sector (currently only 3rd party tools can perform such feats).

A command-line tool called recimg.exe can define which state their PC will be reset.  The tool will capture custom images that include any installed apps and drives.  Hence, recipients of OEM PC’s that have their PC full of bloatware can easily uninstall anything they don’t want and make a new image.

The option to refresh is the light weight option, it just tries to preserve more of your programs, data and settings, however… Only Metro apps will be preserved and reinstalled.  Standard Windows programs will still have to be reinstalled manually.  Since Metro apps are a Microsoft entity, this will ensure there isn’t malware or so this is the current line of thought.

In the event you don’t want certain settings restored, that were causing problems originally, the system will only preserve wireless and cellular network connections, Bitlocker settings, drive letter assignments and personalized themes.

It has been claimed that the Developer Preview Build takes around 8 minutes and 22 seconds in one example for the refresh while the quick reset took around 6 minutes and 12 seconds and the thorough took 23 minutes and 52 seconds.  In this test, it was done on a 64GB SSD drive, this is hardly a standard hard drive for most users, so most will experience longer times.

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