19 Mar 2015

Tired of pretending to have your own plane with flight simulation or tired of sitting in traffic?  Want an option that could prove cheaper than buying a brand new airplane?  The wait maybe over for one company at least.  AeroMobil, a Slovakian company is planning on selling its flying car, the AeroMobil 3.0, in 2017.

30 Jan 2015

I recently purchased two new action cams for skiing.  I picked up a few Sony AS20 cameras to replace my older Polaroid XS100 and gained a few features along the way.  I'll outline the specs and how things perform in this article and you can view the YouTube video below for an example. 

13 Nov 2014

My local theater finally got around to getting D-BOX chairs, so with the new movie Interstellar, I simply could not pass up the chance to try the seats.  These seats are supposed to put you in the movie and make you feel like you are moving with the action.  Did they do the job and are they worth the money or are they more of a gimmick?  These were my two biggest questions going into the film.

23 Oct 2014

Ever wondered, "How long is it going to take to complete and beat this game?"  Or perhaps you've wondered, "How long will it take if I do all the extras or I'm a completionist?"  One website has accumulated data from users all over the globe and has the answers gamers have wanted in one location.

28 Apr 2014

There are lots of pre-fab NAS options out there such as Drobo or Synology devices, but with the right parts you can build a home built system for a bit less with a lot more expandability and flexibility than those other options.  In this article I'll outline my own custom build of a NAS server and the equipment I used to make it all possible.  I used some spare parts and shelving to make for a more convenient setup over the short term without the need for a rack initially.  In some ways this article is an update to this setup I've been running for awhile, showing its been a venerable setup in the longer run so far.

31 Mar 2014


In this article I take a look at the relative performance differences between the Nvidia 670 FTW, 780 SuperClock and the 780 ti as it pertains to Flight Simulator X (FSX).  I'll also include some non-fsx benchmarks for comparing how these three cards stack up.  This project began as an attempt to get a boost in performance in FSX from my original card which was the 670.  In the end I settled on the 780ti.

15 Oct 2013

Windows 8.1 hits stores October 18th, as well as a free upgrade to existing users of Windows 8 on October 17th in the Windows Store.  Here we look at some quick details on the revamped OS.

15 Oct 2013

SpaceX just took another leap forward, or should we say hop with its Grasshopper test flight.  It hit 2440 feet (744 meters) above the McGregor, Texas facility.  They filmed using a hexacopter equipped with an HD camera.  This achievement occurred on October 7th 2013.  This is a rocket capable of launching and landing vertically, as seen in this video.  The goal of this program is to create a reusable first stage rocket engine for the Falcon 9.  Typically the first stage falls back to the earth and crashes in the ocean.  The goal is to have that first stage return to earth controlled and save money for future flights. 

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